New Version of Bathtub Sub Coming Soon!

Bathtub Sub, will be getting a revamp very soon! Stay tuned for more information.

New version of iSamadhi Released

A new version of iSamadhi has been released. This version includes 64bit support and many bug fixes for minor display glitches. Also isolated a rare crash bug and got that taken care of. Thanks everyone for your patience!

Go check it out:

Bathtub Sub Released

Bathtub Sub, a great new game I’ve been working on in conjunction with Striped Candy LLC has been released!! Check it out now!

iSamadhi v1.3 Released

iSamadhi v1.3 has been released to the iTunes App Store! This version includes many of the features that our users have been requesting most. If you enjoy using iSamadhi, please take the time to leave us a review.

New Features
- iOS 4.0 MultiTasking compatibility. NOTE: the timer will pause when you place iSamadhi in the background.
- Import User PhotoLibrary Images.
- Improved interface graphics for Retina displays
- Support for Preset re-ordering
- Preset Playlist Repeat option
- Preset Playlist Shuffle option

Go check it out:

Updated Gameplay Video

CloudJumper for the Mac desktop released last week! Accordingly we had to update the gameplay video to remove the teasers and such, but I ended up trying to polish the overall graphics. Go check it out:

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